Board Members

Holly Aleandro (VSOTA Vice Chair)

Deputy Chief Probation Officer

D.19 Newport News Adult Probation & Parole

(757) 327-7663

Marge Bialkowski

Operations Manager

Office of SVP Services

Dept. of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services

(804) 371-0827

David Boehm LCSW

Blue Ridge Counseling Services

(276) 783-9040

Cheryl A. Clayton LCSW, CSOTP

Radford Counseling Group

(276) 698-9932

Marissa M. Coon MS, LPC, CSOTP

SORT Program Treatment Director

Greensville Correctional Center

(434) 602-3241

Carolyn Harrington LCSW, CSOTP (Governance Chair)

Clinical Supervisor


(804) 677-3866

Denise C. Hayes (VSOTA Board Chair)

Statewide EBP Manager

Virginia Dept. of Corrections

(703) 995-9752

Randi Lanzafama M.Ed., CSOTP

Sex Offender Program Manager

Virginia Dept. of Corrections

(804) 887-8271

Lisa B. Magazine, PhD, LCP, CSOTP

PO Box 2006

Prince George, VA 23875

Art Mayer LCSW, CSOTP (VSOTA Webmaster)
Sex Offender Treatment Program Supervisor
Virginia Dept. of Juvenile Justice
(804) 588-3898

Angela Porter, Ph.D., CSOTP

Sex Offender Psychotherapist


(804) 677-4393

Dana Ratliffe-Walker (Membership Chair)

Warden, Lunenburg Correctional Center

Virginia Dept. of Corrections

(434) 696-2045 (ext 4960)

Michelle Sjolinder PsyD, CSOTP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Psychological & Forensic Services, PLLC

(703) 732-3411

Maria S. Stransky LPC, CSOTP

Sex Offender Program Director

Virginia Dept. of Corrections

(804) 887-8104 

Ren A. Thorne LCSW, CSOTP (RET Chair)

Director of Emergency Services

Crossroads Community Services Board

(434) 808-6418 Cell (434) 394-8634

T.L. Van Nostrand Ph.D., LPC, CSOTP (VSOTA Secretary)

Statewide Evidence-Based Practices Manager

ReEntry, Education & Programs Unit

Virginia Dept. of Corrections

(757) 334-4313

Carla Zarrella LCSW

Director - OSVP Services


(804) 786-6420